Since our founding in 1995, MCLED Lighting, has been committed to providing customers with outstanding service, expertise and the highest quality products in LED lighting.

We are a direct manufacturer for specialty LED lighting in the USA and also procure high quality LED lighting from China. We provide lighting for wholesale projects, as well as direct projects for customers.



We have developed technology for lighting, all of our products are UL/DLC Certified, and we have a manufacturing office in China (we are the direct source to the factories).  Additionally, all of our products are quality checked for incoming material until they are shipped into our containers. We’re proud of our 24/7 quality assurance on-site.

Who we work with:

From small to large size projects, MCLED works with manufacturing plants, municipalities, school districts, oil refinery rigs and parking lot lighting.


Some of our clients include corporations in various industries, such as B2B, government, public school districts and large conglomerates. We work with project managers and contractors directly, no matter the size of the project.


"Our capabilities in engineering, design and manufacturing allows us to offer a complete Light Engine Solution"

"In direct comparisons, MCLED Lighting’s Gen-2 lightweight heat sinks outperforms our competitors’ heat sinks in categories like light output efficiency, heat dissipation, longevity and cost savings"


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